Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you keep documentation on another site?

Though many Skript-specific documentation sites have popped up and grown in popularity, these sites typically have two issues that make them an unattractive option for skript-mirror.

  • Documentation is usually stored solely by the site. If the site ever breaks or shuts down, this means the documentation may be lost as well.

  • These sites lack the flexibility of other documentation solutions. Generally, these sites focus on documenting each feature individually. While this might be adequate for many simpler Skript addons, skript-mirror's complexity necessitates the use of manually organized documentation.

That being said, third-party sites may display the contents of skript-mirror's documentation, but they would be responsible for keeping the documentation up-to-date. For the convenience of other scripters, these sites should prominently display a link to the original documentation on each page. Please avoid documenting features individually or using an automated tool to extract syntax patterns from skript-mirror. Most of skript-mirror's core features are best explained using hand-written documentation.

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