[local] effect <pattern>:
    # code, optional
    # code, required

Flag local

Specifying that an effect is local makes the effect only usable from within the script that it is defined in. This allows you to create effects that do not interfere with effects from other addons or scripts.

Local effects are guaranteed to be parsed before other custom effects, but not necessarily before effects from other addons.

Section parse

Code in this section is executed whenever the effect is parsed. This section may be used to emit errors if the effect is used in an improper context.

If this section is included, you must also continue if the effect was parsed successfully.

Local variables created in this section are copied by-value to other sections.

effect example:
    set {_test} to 1
    # {_test} always starts at 1 here
    add 1 to {_test}
    # 2 is always broadcast
    broadcast "%{_test}%"

Section trigger

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