Computed Options

Skript's options section allows you to create snippets of text that are copied into other sections of your script. This is useful for static text, but does not work well for text that must be derived from dynamic sources, such as variables.

option <option name>:
    # code, required

After the computed option is defined, it is accessible as {@<option name>} within the same script.

Section get

Code in this section is executed as soon as it is parsed. This section must return a value and must not contain delays.

Using computed options for NMS imports

NMS packages include the Minecraft version, preventing code referencing NMS classes from working across versions. To get around this, computed options may be used to dynamically generate the proper NMS package.

option nms:
    set {_nms version} to Bukkit.getServer().getClass().getPackage().getName().split("\.")[3]
    return "net.minecraft.server.%{_nms version}%"


While this code dynamically generates the appropriate NMS package prefix, it does not guarantee your code will work across versions! Be aware that classes, methods, and fields may change in incompatible ways across versions.

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